Roger Graham
Roger has been a Celtic performer for more than 30 years, bringing pleasure to audiences as both a solo performer and as a member of the bands Black Oak Shillelagh and On the Doss. His passion for the music and the heritage resonates in his songs. Roger performs at Celtic events regionally, nationally and internationally. In Black Oak Shillelagh, he offers voice, guitar, banjo, and bodhran, blending traditional with a modern twist to each selection.
Roger has been a major supporter of Celtic culture in our region, serving previously as entertainment director for the Tulsa Scottish Games and Oklahoma City games, and more recently as head of the Oklahoma Celtic Music and Heritage Festival. Currently, he is the entertainment director for the Iron Thistle Scottish Games, and the newly emerging St. Patrick's Day in September (in Shawnee, OK). As a member of United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma, he participates in the promotion of Celtic culture in the region all year.